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Flower of life necklace in 925 sterling silver

Symbolism in jewellery

Symbols such as the flower of life as a piece of jewellery can help us to remind our self of our inner light in everyday life. A look at the flower of life can reconnect us with the idea that everything is one.

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NEW Flower of life
Pendant and chain in 925er sterling silver

Material: 925 sterling silver
Cain lenghts: 45cm (18 inch)

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Product features in detail

925 Sterling silver

Our pendant and the chain are made of 925 sterling silver, recognizable by the stamp.

The advantage of silver jewelry is obvious. In general it is particularly elegant and sporty, but at the same time not to flashy. For this reason, jewellery made of silver is becoming increasingly popular. 

Chain lenght:
45cm (18inch)

Chains in this length are especially suitable for wearing a pendant, as so these come into their own.

They enhance the cleavage without losing their compactness due to too much length.

Elegant Form

The flower of life was shaped as a dome. This gives the pendant a particularly elegant shape.

Gleich zum Verschenken

Great as a gift

The flower of life jewellery comes to you in a gift box made of kraft paper.

So perfect to give them to your loved ones immediately. - e.g. for birthdays, holidays, Valentine's Day ...

The flower of life - a symbol of salvation?

What does that mean: "healing symbol"? Why do people believe in healing power of symbols?

Symbols might have a healing or positive influence on us because they are naturally deeply connected to creation itself - one could also say that they originated directly from it and interact with creation. If you connect with symbols, they can serve as a kind of bridge or tool to make it easier to get in touch with your own creation. Why does it work? There is a basic law of creation geometry that:

The law of self-similarity (see also fractals): In the Indian region one would probably call it the principle of Atman (inside) - like Brahman (outside). No matter what size, everything has the same pattern, which has arisen from the same point of origin. Since everything, you and I, are based on the same geometric laws, we can resonate with each other and reconnect to the origin.

WHO WE ARE - Blossom Balance

Soon also in english!

We from "Blossom Balance" offer an information platform, that provides background information about the flower of life, sacred geometry and other spiritual topics. These information are intended to be a contribution and support for all who are on the spiritual path and want to help our world finally to move to a higher conciousness.

Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und Produkte für die Blume des Lebens

Aufgrund ihrer harmonischen Struktur, wird die Blume des Lebens heutzutage gerne im Bereich der Energieheilung genutzt. Warum Symbole heilen können sollen

Was ist die Blume des Lebens
Blume des Lebens

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